Change PID and GID in Docker container

Hi, guys

I run two instances of Duplicacy on two different servers, each in a Docker container. I am using the image “erichough/duplicacy”. Is there anyway to set user and group in this image? I know the one from saspus you can do that, but I really don’t really want to change my setup.

The problem is that one server backs up to the other via SSH and uses a particular user to connect to connect to SSH, but the backup from the other server is run as root and creates chunks as such. Hence, the chunks get different users and I get permission denied. I guess I could separate the folders it the backups writes to, but the problem would be fixed if I could run the containers with the same user on both servers.

Would this be of any help: Specifying user and group in Docker - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 ?

Thanks, but I just changed to saspus/duplicacy instead. It has an implemented UID, GID. Not all containers have this env during container creation AFAIK.


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