Change storage password in WebGui version, complete workflow

Hi all,

I know there are some threads here and there, but in the end there is no solution and no documentation from the manual. There was a thread here that dealt with this, but not exactly. Password management in WebUI
So I’m going to start this thread, because I’m pretty sure it might be of interest to some other users.
The task is Changing the storage password for WebGUI users. For me it’s one of the most important functions. Because from time to time and for security reasons you should be able to change your storage password.
WebGUI lacks this feature. So I read that you have to run a duplicate.
How do you do that? I mean, we pay 20 bucks a year because we want a GUI, or at least some clear and concise instructions.
When I run this “/Applications/Duplicacy Web” in Terminal, the web GUI opens and Terminal gives me back this
"Last login: Thu Apr 27 15:54:44 on ttys000
/Applications/Duplicacy\ Web\ ; exit;
myuser@Laptop-of-XXX ~ % /Applications/Duplicacy\ Web\ ; exit;
Set log directory to /Users/myuser/.duplicacy-web/logs
Duplicacy Web Edition 1.6.3 (31BDE1)
Starting the web server at “
Now when I type “$ duplicacy password” nothing happens?
What should I do?
There are several related questions. When you change your storage password, Duplicacy decrypts the storage and then encrypts it with the new password. Does this mean that all files in the chunks are unprotected at that moment and exposed to your storage provider?

I hope you have some pointers for me.

Currently, you can’t change a storage password in the WebUI. This has to be done with the CLI.

Dunno how you do this with Mac, but you need to find the duplicacy_osx_x64_3.1.0 binary - not the one beginning with dulicacy_web_osx_*.

Presumably, this should work the same as on Windows/Linux - where you cd to the .duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost\all and reference the full path of the CLI binary and then do:

<path>/duplicacy_osx_x64_3.1.0 password -storage <storage>

As per:

Once you’ve changed the password, you can simply remove the storage in the WebUI and re-add it.

Changing the password only re-encrypts the config file on the storage. The keys inside, that are used to encrypt your actual chunks, are unchanged.

Hence, if someone had access to your weak password and your config/storage, they still have access to your storage (since they could swap out the old config file and still read the data).

Hi Droolio,

many thanks to you! I found this duplicacy_osx_arm64_3.1.0 But its just the CLI I downloaded from Github. So its in my Downloads folder. It wasn’t shipped originally with the WebGUI. I don’t know if that#s a problem.

Presumably, this should work the same as on Windows/Linux - where you cd to the .duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost\all and reference the full path of the CLI binary and then do:

<path>/duplicacy_osx_x64_3.1.0 password -storage <storage>

Sorry I get stuck here. Can you please help me and give me some more details what I have to do? ‘cd’ means change directory. Thats everything I can follow.
thank you 1000 times.

Sorry, but I’m unfamiliar with where Duplicacy installs on MacOS, but you may find the CLI binary (which Duplicacy WebUI itself downloads after it’s run) in ~/.duplicacy_web/bin/.

You may have different versions in there, such as 2.7.2 - use whichever is the latest.

At a guess:

cd ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all
~/.duplicacy-web/bin/duplicacy_osx_x64_3.1.0 password -storage <storage>

You can always download the CLI separately and initialise a dummy repository, pointing to your storage URL:

mkdir ~/dummy
cd /dummy
~/duplicacy_osx_x64_3.1.0 init -e dummy-id <storage url>
~/duplicacy_osx_x64_3.1.0 password

Hey Droolio,

thanks again for your support!
look there is no such file!

There is no CLI at all. Maybe It’s different because it’s the ARM Version?

So I tried the second way.

Last login: Thu May 11 19:06:47 on ttys000

xxx@xxx ~ % mkdir /dummy

mkdir: /dummy: Read-only file system

xxx@xxx ~ %

So I get stuck here as well.

You are looking in the app bundle. Instead, look in

In finder, either press Command+Shift+G and paste ~/.duplicacy-web/bin/, or navigate to your home folder and press Command+Shift+. to show hidden files, and then navigate to .duplicacy-web/bin. Then you can drag the latest CLI from there to the terminal to insert the path.