Changing existing Entrys and Spaces in Names


why we don’t can change existing Entrys like the Names, ID, Directory, Destination, Storage from the Jobs, Storage, Backup or his Position (Schedule too) on the Site like first, second, third, last Entry?

Why we don’t can used Spaces in Names like Storage, IDs, Backups, …?

Many Thanks!



Because this wasn’t planned, wasn’t designed, and, therefore, wasn’t implemented, obviously.

Engineering is a game of juggling trade off. With limited resources you have to prioritize where to spend them, usually, on higher value items. Like core features, performance, reliability, stability.

Renaming things is an entirely pointless waste of time compared to literally any other pending task, and can take massive engineering resources away for virtually zero benefits in return.

If it works — let it be. Why do you need to rename anything?

If something changes or wants to change, it is annoying to have to delete the entry and create it again.

But you right when everything works, no changes required.