Changing location of onedrive access token

Hi all.

Recently new customer, was just setting up two intstances of Duplicacy to backup to onedrive. It asked for a .json token for access which was easy to do (nice work team)
I put it in a very temporary location and then deleted it once I was done because I figured Duplicacy would save it somewhere.

Now the backups to Onedrive are failing because it cannot connect to onedrive, I need to supply the file again but I want to put it in a better area this time. Is there a way to have Duplicacy used another location when looking for the Onedrive access token?

Just put it in the .duplicacy-web folder (assuming you’re using the Web UI) would be my recommendation.

Edit: You can easily, delete the storage and re-add it with the same name, without affecting future backups.

We need a feature request to have duplicacy copy the token itself into any location it prefers. The .dot folders are hidden and expecting users to find them (let alone know to have to do that) is unreasonable. As we discussed before, all downloads go to Downloads folder by default for most users, and there is no indication anywhere in the duplicacy “add storage” flow that the token must not be moved from the current location after being selected.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

I was able to re-create the backup locations on the two instances. I’ve stored the token.json in the Duplicacy docker config folder, I am happy for it to be there long term.
Both backups are running as we speak.


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