Check for copy compatibility

Is there a way to check if two storages are copy compatible?

You can run the info command on the storage:

duplicacy -d info -e storage_url

Two storages are copy compatible if their chunk seed, hash key, and chunk size parameters are the same.


Doesn’t that include the “ID key” too? Based on Encryption of the storage, it looks like to be used for the filename, so presumably it should be identical too.

I believe that can be different between two copy-compatible storages, as the chunk file names for a particular chunk ID can be different when you copy from one to the other. IIRC, the original storage has the same ID Key as one of the other values, but they’re different on the copied storages.

Ah, makes sense. I think I was looking at bit-identical copies for which they obviously should be the same.

What is that command doing? Shouldn’t it be documented in the user guide?

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