Check job - when can/does it resume? (rather than start-over)


I’ve read somewhere in this forum that check continues from where it last finished. I took that to mean it doesn’t do the check across everything - only things that have changed since last check. Is that correct? Also…

  1. If i set “maximum run time” does it continue from where it stopped according to that setting?

  2. If the job is aborted by the user, will it resume from where it was aborted? Or does it need to start over?

  3. If some error or system problem occurs, where does it start/resume from?

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A check job with the -chunks option does not resume and will start afresh every time it runs. It should not take too long as it only checks the existence of all chunks referenced by each backup.

A check job with the -chunks option on the other hand does resume in the sense that it will keep the list of verified chunks in the file .duplicacy/cache/storage/verified_chunks. Each chunk will be downloaded and verified once unless you remove this file.

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check starts from scratch each time it is run.

Thanks guys.

I saw this at the end of the log…

2024-06-30 23:23:37.021 INFO VERIFY_PROGRESS Verified chunk 1f3d36f72896386cbcdd15840daed273e154abf7f19e8c94427c7506f6d62441 (572508/572508), 29.77MB/s 00:00:00 100.0%
2024-06-30 23:23:37.021 INFO SNAPSHOT_VERIFY All 1505025 chunks have been successfully verified
2024-06-30 23:23:42.179 INFO SNAPSHOT_VERIFY Added 572508 chunks to the list of verified chunks

Does that mean the list doesn’t get added to until the check finishes? That is, it’s not gradually added to that throughout the process?

Apologies if I misunderstood your original question. Once a chunk has been verified, it’s saved in the file gilbertchen mentioned (./duplicacy/cache//verified_chunks) and won’t be re-verified.

I just did a test and if check -chunks ends prematurely, it saves verified_chunks so that next time it runs it will not re-verify those chunks. In that sense, it doesn’t start from scratch.

I did some more testing. My first backup set was so huge that when it died about 60% through it took a long time for me to see that the subsequent 40% didn’t take quite as long. So it does seem it keeps writing to that file throughout, not just at the end.

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

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