Check & Prune job shedule - looking for recommendations

Hi, I’m just starting with Duplicacy and would like to hear the best practice for when I need to have a Check & Prune job in my time schedule. Is it even necessary? It would be great if you can explain it in easy language what it does :).

About e-mail notifications: Is this thread still up to date: Email notification ?

Or are there any better options to get a notification only if something failed or had an error?


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Well, if it is better, that is up to your individual needs. However, there is also a JSON backup report which works in combination with for example. You could use it as Software as a Service or you could host it yourself on Docker, see for example this healthchecks container from

Thanks for your input!
Sure, I only need a notification if something failed. Now my plan was to filter the emails based on the subject - so all emails with {{status}} = success will be deleted based on this filter. I think this should work for me as a workaround. I’d like to keep it as simple as possible.