Chunks with Backblaze?

Hello all - new to Duplicacy and B2. I backed up 40gb of data to B2, on the Backblaze sites I can see a folder full of ‘chunks’ but when I restored that to a Runpod VM I also got the chunks? Is this a Duplicacy setting thats its split up large files or have I done something wrong?

How did you restore?

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Arh, so just using Runpods built in restore option? Does duplicacy always split files up like that? Still trying to workout if Chunks is a Backblaze or duplicacy thing?

I think there is some confusion between runpods vm builtin and duplicacy backup. I don’t know what run pods are; but if you made a backup of some data with duplicacy – you would need to use duplicacy to restore that data.

If you use command line interface – see restore · gilbertchen/duplicacy Wiki · GitHub. If you use webgui – see the Restore tab.