Chunksize > 512 MB

I’m trying to initialize repositories with a chunk size of 1024M or more, but this is impossible. I’m using the CLI version 2.7.2 for Linux on ARM.
If I try *** -e -c 1024M ***, the process freezes after entering the first time the storage password. It creates the two folders (chunks and snapshots) but no config file.
It also happens when I’m trying to to initialize repositories without encryption, then it freezes after the WebDAV password.
The same command works with 512M. After I tryed it with 2048M, it shows an error code with an large but negative number.
I used al long time Duplicati with a chunk size of 1 GB, and I need it again, because me cheap cloud space, allows only 300.000 files or folders. After using 1.2 of my 2 TB I reached the 300.000 files.

Duplicacy allocates a few chunks in memory and you machine doesn’t have enough memory for 1024M chunks.

A modest value such as 16M would give you 300,000 * 16M = 4.8T which should be enough for your backups.

Thanks for your help. I’m now using a chunksize of 32M. Maybe it is a problem, that only 3.5 - 4 GB of the 8GB RAM could be used by my machine, because unfortunately two 64bit Linux distributions had trouble to run so I decided to install a 32bit version. I tried chunks with 512M, 256M and 128M. I was always able to create repositories, but all created backupjobs quit with the error code “invalid options”. Sometimes the backupjobs created some chunks, sometimes they quit before creating a chunk, unfortunately the log file was always blank.

It could be that the CLI process was killed due to out of memory. The error message should be in the main log file ~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log.