cipher error with sftp


What should I look for to solve this error when using SFTP?

Error Failed to download the configuration file form the storage Failed to retrieve the config file: cipher: message authentication failed.

This is my first attempt to connect to my sftp server from remote. I have the ports working and can sftp there manually but get the above error from duplicacy.

Thanks for any ideas!!


This is usually caused by a wrong storage password.


Question- can I back up multiple computers to the same sftp user account?

In other words, can one storage directory contain multiple people backing up to it?

I bet the answer is no and then that would explain my problem… what do you say? :slight_smile:



Yes, multiple people can back up to the same storage directory. This is even recommended as this will save storage space if they has a lot of files in common. And only one needs to run the prune command. However, if the storage is encrypted then they need to share the same storage password.