Clarity on Backup and Schedule options

I’m using Duplicacy web GUI under Synology Docker.
If I understand correctly, the proper entry for threads in the backup and the schedule is:

-threads xx

where xx is a numeric entry.

AND - the threads option in the backup is exclusive to the threads option in the schedule. So, I need to enter one or both? I’m assuming that a threads entry in Schedule overrides the thread entry in Backup? What happens if I do not enter a threads option in a schedule? Does it just run with 1 thread or does it default to the backup threads entry, or something else?

Serious lack of documentation on this from what I can find. Am I missing a glaringly obvious FAQ or guide?

Correct on first point: -threads 4 under Options will use 4 threads.

On second part, the Options between Backup and Schedule tabs are totally independent of each other, and aren’t inherited - if you don’t specify an option, it’ll default to 1 thread. Hence you can have different options for manual and scheduled.

Agreed though this is slightly confusing, especially considering the Include/Exclude filter is done in a completely different way - i.e. Schedules don’t have filters of their own, and rely on those being set under the Backup tab.

Just so I’m clear as to what that means;

  1. I insert “-threads 10” in my backup and nothing in the schedule, it run as “-threads 1”.
  2. I insert nothing in the backup and “-threads 10” in the schedule, it runs as “-threads 10”.

So, in effect, the schedule overrides the backup options in all cases where a schedule is used and will default to 1 thread if no options are expressed in the schedule?

For #1, by ‘it’ I assume you mean the scheduled task - yes.

Neither task type overrides anything - they’re completely independent, but the default thread count is always 1 thread, if you don’t specify anything.

Yes, exactly. The scheduled backup task will run with a single thread, not with 10 as it was configured.

Now, I understand (I think). The schedule itself has no thread options. But the events within each schedule EACH have a threads option. If that event option is left blank IN THE SCHEDULE, it will run at threads=1. SO… if I setup a backup with threads=20 and I add that backup to a schedule WITH NO options stated, it will run at threads=1.

Sorry if I was being dense about this. Looking at a schedule GUI with only one backup task in it, my mind was telling me that the schedule itself had options. After adding another backup task, It finally struck me that EACH task has options.

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