Clear cache via WEB_GUI and remove old Revision

I would like to delete old revisions, but I can only find tutorials for the cli.
how can I delete old revisions via WEB-GUI?

Another question is how can I clear the cache?

thank you for your help.

For the web edition, under the Schedule section/panel, in addition to a backup job there’s an option to add a pruning job. After scheduling pruning, the Options column can be used to manage the retention policy (e.g., enter “-keep 7:30” to keep all backups made during the past 30 days and only 1 per week thereafter; “-keep 0:365” keeps only backups made during the past 365 days). The following help pages might be of interest:

The CLI tutorials also apply to the web edition because it’s the same CLI program that’s being launched by the web microservice. The pathnames are a little different, but the usage is the same if you want to delete specific revisions without the web GUI.

I’m not aware of a specific button in the web GUI for clearing the local cache. Chunks in the cache are removed as part of the pruning process but if there’s a disk space issue it can be manually cleared. Search for a directory named “.duplicacy-web” and under there are subdirectories named “cache”. Note that part of the function of the cache is to reduce the amount of downloads required, so depending on your storage medium/provider it might impact your monthly fees.

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve already done a prune several times, but the check still gives errors.
I hope that someone can help me with the problem.

Here is the complete log.log.txt (17.0 KB)

Looking over your log file, the check errors are referring to missing chunks on your Unraid NAS so clearing your local cache folder won’t fix the errors, but as a last resort, chunks in your local cache could be used to repair the remote backups so it’s worth holding onto them at least for the time being.

Parsing and filtering the log output reduced the results to 7 missing chunks (several of the chunks are shared by 14 revisions):


There are several reasons why chunks could be missing or misplaced so the first step is to log onto the Unraid NAS and manually check for the existence of the 7 missing chunks. It’ll help rule out storage media issues. The Duplicacy wiki has a tutorial on resolving missing chunks that goes into more details: Missing Chunks