CLI Error Codes?

Was wondering if there were (or if there were any plans to enable) error codes/notifications from CLI jobs that do not end normally.

I ask because I’m experiencing a transient issue with Wasabi where a chunk write operation fails and Duplicacy ends at that event and I’m left with an incomplete cloud copy.

My objective is to catch the issue in a shell script and fire off an email notification.


In my experience, the CLI will return non-zero exit codes on errors. In that way, you know that something went wrong. Isn’t that good enough? Or do you need visibility on EXACTLY what the error was?

Consider this:

Failed to upload the chunk 2dcef97eac6562136f35c411e15a1ed7b193cc35ff7950e4f1b42ea5059297dd: Put write tcp> write: broken pipe
Uploaded chunk 353940 size 2489875, 10.07MB/s 20:18:06 70.1%
Uploaded chunk 353941 size 3310368, 10.07MB/s 20:18:06 70.1%
Uploaded chunk 353942 size 2714835, 10.07MB/s 20:18:05 70.1%
Uploaded chunk 353943 size 2139599, 10.07MB/s 20:18:05 70.1%
Incomplete snapshot saved to /Volumes/Storage/.duplicacy/incomplete
Office-iMac:Storage jeff$ echo $?
Office-iMac:Storage jeff$ 

Contrast this with a successful backup:

Office-iMac:office-db jeff$ duplicacy backup -threads 2
Storage set to azure://XXXXX/XXXXX
Last backup at revision 20 found
Indexing /Users/jeff/local/office-db
Loaded 7 include/exclude pattern(s)
Backup for /Users/jeff/local/office-db at revision 21 completed
Office-iMac:office-db jeff$ echo $?
Office-iMac:office-db jeff$

Note that in the error case, the exit code was 100 (non-zero == error for Linux), where it was 0 in the success case.

Is this good enough, or do you need something more for this?

Actually, I believe this is just what I’m looking for. Is this documented somewhere and I missed it?


FWIW, this is standard behavior for any command-line program on any platform. Any other behavior would be a bug.

Now, if you want to know EXACTLY what went wrong, we’d need documentation. But if you just want to know “something went wrong”, then check for a non-zero return status.

I think @Raindogtoo is asking for something like this.

I just added a wiki page for exit codes: Exit codes details


Perfect! Thank you!

In case of connection problems (internet, storage provider, etc), which will be the returned code?

Great! Thank you!

@towerbr, all connection problems should return error code 100.