CLI - Hide / Mute list of files when running (initial) backup



How do I run (initial) backups via CLI without printing list of all files backed up?

I’ve tried removing -log as well as -stats, but I still get massive dump of all files, e.g. printed to stdout.

Ideally, I’d like a flag or option to hide / mute list of files and just print results / summary of backup to stdout.

I tried to find an existing GitHub issue or post here on the forum regarding this (I think I even saw one before mentioning this), but was unsuccessful in finding anything.
If discussion on this already exists, please feel free to link me, would appreciate it!

Otherwise, if an option for this exists, I’d love to know about it.
For now I’m reduced to doing something silly like `duplicacy backup … | grep -v ‘^Uploaded’ which is kind of silly…

Thanks in advance for any thoughts / assistance on this.


Probably this is the topic you are looking for:


Ah, yep, this is the one I remember seeing.
Thank you very much!