CLI Log Levels - Skip


Right now -log may give way too much info including every file uploaded, which can be quite problematic if there are lots of files on a multi-user NAS.

Highly appreciate if you can include an option of a bit less verbose, for the uploaded files just report the ones with problems.


Currently you can filter the log output by the message ids, like:

duplicacy -log backup | grep -v PACK_END

I’m thinking of a -suppress option that would not print log messages with certain ids. For example, the following would be equivalent:

duplicacy -log -suppress PACK_END backup


Oh, this would be nice as it could simplify monitoring log files:


That’s good.

I’d propose offering a “loglevel” parameter with a default.

like loglevels 1 2 3 4 5

if just -log, then give you level 3

but user can set -log 1, -log 2… etc…

seems simpler to use


In a way, we already have log levels. The advantage of a suppress option is that it is much easier to use (no need to lookup what’s included in each level) and gives more fine grained control.