Email report is very verbose by default, can i reduce that?

Using the WebUI, i’ve just setup a new backup and the email and i get a huge list of files in the email - that’s not something i want emailed even though it was just in a VM with nothing much there. Can i limit the email to more or less:

Start / Finish times
Return Code {{status}}
Size of changes
Maybe some repo info like how big it is, how much space is free and such?


You can exclude log message you don’t want by putting their ids in the Excluded Logs input. See explanation here: Duplicacy Web Edition 1.2.0 is now available


I’ve been hunting around for a list of what logs are available - their names - but i can’t find it. Can someone please point me to it? This is a great example of where a drop-down in the webUI would be super helpful :slight_smile:

Found this - but do my existing emailed logs include everything possible?