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I’m employed a research assistant at a University and I’m currently trying to find a backup solution for one PC of our research group that isn’t backed up regularly, yet.

I’ve read on the webpage that universities are allowed to use the personal GUI license, but what about the CLI version?
Would we have to buy a commercial CLI license, or are universities allowed to use the CLI version without a license?

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The GUI version includes the CLI version.

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Quoting that page

I work for a non-for-profit organization/government agency/school/university. Can I use a personal GUI license for work?

A personal GUI license is meant to be used at home not related to employment. So the answer is generally no.

However, we would like to make an exception for schools and universities. If you are a student, or a staff/faculty member at any school or university, feel free to use the personal GUI license even if it is related to your employment.

So the way I see it the purpose of this provision is to provide universities with a discount on a cost of a license for GUI version ($50 vs $20).

The CLI version already costs $20 and whether there is university discount on top of it – that would be a question for @gchen.

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What @saspus said is correct. I can offer you a discount (especially if you’re going to order a large number of CLI licenses), but making it completely free for educational purposes is something I may do in the future, but not at this time.

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I think it would be very helpful to update that page about licenses. The first thing that leads to confusion is that the term “license” is used as meaning “paid license”, especially in this part:

The CLI version is free for personal use so there are no personal licenses for the CLI version.

To grant free use of the CLI version for personal purposes is also a license. So it should be included in the table.

But that doesn’t address the OP question quite yet. My understanding (up go a few minutes ago) was basically that edu-folks are allowed to use personal licenses even for work purposes. Or, more correctly phrased: will get the commercial license for the price of the personal one. Since the personal CLI version is free, that would mean that the CLI version is free for use by edu-folks.

But since @gchen just said

my interpretation was obviously wrong and I woukd like to submit the following suggestion for consideration: how about you distinguish between individual edu-use and organizational edu-use? Individual students and staff can use the CLI version for free but if a university wants to systematically use duplicacy as their official backup tool, they will pay the discounted price?

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Thanks for the Info, that’s what I wanted to know.
Since it’s just one PC for now (everything else is running over a central server and not my job), I’ll probably look into something else for now, as the hassle of requesting funds is not worth it.
I’ll keep it in mind, should we need a larger backup solution where the bureaucracy is worth it, though.

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I noticed that you updated the pricing page, which makes it free for students to have a GUI license. However, I could not locate the page to get one as a student. Could you help me on that?


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Sorry about the confusion. To clarify, if you’re a student or a staff/faculty member at a school or university, you can use the personal GUI license for any purposes. However, you still need to buy the personal GUI licenses.

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I don’t know how many times I had to read that until it made sense to me. Maybe others are faster to get the point, but I think the way this is communicated on the license page can be improved. Perhaps the easiest would be to elaborate in another sentence, e.g. "

“If you are a student, or a staff/faculty member at a school or university and purchase a personal GUI license, you can use it to back up any files, not just those on your home computer.”

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Good idea. I’ve replaced that sentence with your suggestion.

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