CLI usage problem in Windows


The GUI invokes the CLI version to run backup and prune.
How can i start other CLI commands (e.g. check or diff) in Win10?
There is no directory with executable exe files.
Can anyone give me a hint. Thanks.


The CLI executable is in the same directory where you installed the GUI.


Thanks that helped.
An uninstall reinstall problem.
In the directory there was only DuplicacyGUI64.exe.
The deletion was blocked by “Duplicacy Cloud Backup” in the background
and the complete reinstallation was thereby prevented.
The GUI still was the sole file in the directory.


The service runs under the LocalSystem account, so If you run the DOS prompt under the same account (windows services - How do you run CMD.exe under the Local System Account? - Stack Overflow) and set the credentials via Duplicacy CLI it should work.


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