Cloud to cloud backup


I’m starting to think of some way to use Duplicacy in a cloud-to-cloud backup.

My files are mostly synced with google drive, and today I back up from my computer to B2.

I’ve had good experiences using cloud VMs and Rclone to perform transfers between different cloud providers.

I think of mounting a cloud VM, running a rclone mount pointing to my google drive, and then running Duplicacy from mount to B2. It would be insanely fast …

My only concern is security, since the passwords would be saved on the keyring, so anyone with access to this VM would also have virtually full access to my google drive and backups on B2.

Do you see any way to do this safely? Am I missing something?


It depends on your linux distribution. I think most linux distributions should allow you to disable Gnome Keyring (if installed by default).


Ok, but I plan to use it with scheduling, so I guess I can not disable keyring.



I also do a similar thing but instead of a Cloud VM, I have VPS running Windows Server 2016. The VPS is use for multiple reasons but one of them now is to run Duplicacy backups, prunes, checks and other maintenance work. It is nice because it takes the workload away from my laptop.

In my case I have my files on my laptop on OneDrive which then download to my VPS where Duplicacy does it backups and stuff. I backup from the OneDrive files to Google Drive, so pretty much all happens in the cloud.

Security is issue. If someone hacks into the VPS then they will have access to not only my files but other stuff also. I an just using a strong login password and also rely on the VPS provider to offer security from there side. That’s my trade off security vs convenience.

But if anyone can suggest how to improve the security on a Windows 2016 VPS, it would be greatly appreciated.



We have basically the same concern: unauthorized access to the virtual machine (either linux or windows) and consequently to files and backups.