Comment limit is too tight

I can understand that you want prevent bots from posting too many comments too fast, but I was just about to post 3 comments quickly, and got told I have to wait - and lost my input. Not nice. Please enable this limit once you really run into problems, but I don’t think you need this with the low volume you have now. As a contributor, this is annoying to having to wait and rewrite my comments.

Even worse - trying to post this, I was told I had reached the daily limit of new topics for a new user. Is this really necessary? That’s how to quickly get rid of people.

I’m sorry for the bad experience. We’re currently relying on the default settings of the forum software (discourse) which seem to be working fine on thousands of sites. Of course, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that we can still improve things by tweaking something here and there. But there are at least a dozen different settings that you could have run into so we’d need to figure out exactly which of them you collided with.

Before we get into the details of that, however, I suggest the following analysis: your annoying experience was probably due to your very specific situation of having been active on the forum with a different account before switching to the one with which you experienced those issues. Here’s the thing: this account was still on trust level 0 and this entails some harsher limits for a very short period of time. Your activity looked particularly suspicious because the account has hardly been used to read any topics (since you did your reading on the other account) and started posting immediately at a rapid pace (rapid, considering that, from the perspective of the system, the user has spent almost no time on the site prior to posting).

Do you think this is a reasonable explanation (and that this incident therefore doesn’t warrant changes in the settings) or do you think we should look into it more?

BTW, let me know if you want me to transfer your posts from the “temporary” account to the “real” one, so as to have all in one place.


@tempelmann This is my fault – I didn’t set the trust level correctly for users like you when I imported posts from the old forum to Discourse. The lesson I learned is that I should have started with Discourse in the first place instead of trying to write my own issue tracker.

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@Christoph Yes, you got that right. I’m good now, thanks for all the quick help.

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