Comparison with duplicati




I discovered and was wondering how it compared to Duplicacy, especially in terms of performances.

Thank you!


I tried duplicati and couldnt get it to work quickly… so I bailed. Your mileage may vary :slight_smile:


I found this:

There is a link to performance comparison results they’ve done in the middle of the discussion:

Apart from the performance issue, a common problem of Duplicati I heard from several users who tried it first before Duplicacy, is that if a backup fails to complete for some reason, then the database/storage may enter a corrupted state that is hard to fix.


Yes, I am migrating my backups from Duplicati to Duplicacy. Databases are the weak point of Duplicati.

Duplicati has a great web interface, but the big problem is the local databases. If they are corrupted, you are lost. There is the possibility of rebuilding the DBs from backup, but it is ridiculously slow (days, weeks). Exactly the time you don’t have when you need a restore.

Ok, you can back up the DBs, but it’s weird to back up the backup DB’s.(!)

And any difference between the DBs and the snapshots the problem remains.