Conditional emails? Send only on failure

So I have my backups set to run on different schedules. I like getting a complete backup report, but checking them everyday just to see that everything has gone fine can get a little tedious.

Would it be possible to have a feature to send email on completion only on failure? Or maybe send on both, but be able to customize the send address? For instance I send all my emails to, so they all get put right into a folder so my phone isn’t blowing up all the time. What would be great would be to be able to just send to when there’s a failure so I know if I get that email in my inbox, there’s something I need to investigate. Even a different subject or something specific I could send to make mailbox rules would be a help.

What’s everyone think?

You can add {{Status}} to the subject, which will be replaced by the status code (success or error).

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