Configuring check and prune

I went to quite some forum posts, but I’m still in doubt what would be ‘best’ in my situation. I’m using Duplicacy on 3 NAS shares with mainly small word/excel files and pdf files. So the average office stuff. Since the files are worked on during the day by multiple employees I start backing up at 7:00 every hour until 00:00. I backup to IDrive e3 cloud storage and everything runs fine. The size of the backup isn’t that large. About 13GB containing 16000 files. Most of the files are part of dossiers in which files should be kept for several years and not be deleted.

I’m not sure how to configure check and prune in a sensible way. Atm I’ve configured check with no options to run every week on Saturday morning followed by prune with options: -keep 0:720 -keep 30:360 -keep 7:30 -keep 1:7 -a
Should I use options like -chunk and/or -fossils with check command and should I run it everyday? Once a week seems on the low side, but I could be wrong.
Prune as far as I know cleans up which seems fine to run once a week since we hardly delete files but perhaps I should do this more often as well?

Any pointers are highly appreciated!