Confirm before restoring, especially in GUI


After completing my first backup (impressively quickly, I might add!), I decided to try testing a restore. I selected a few files and clicked “Restore,” and was shocked that the restore began immediately, in-place, without a confirmation or warning! I think destructive actions should always ask for confirmation first, but especially when it’s not at all obvious or intuitive that the action would be destructive! (I expected, when I clicked “restore,” to be asked to choose a directory to place the restored files. I wasn’t expecting restore-in-place to be the default option.)

It seems to be a pretty standard principle for GUI apps to always confirm before performing destructive actions. CLI apps can be a bit more brutal… but even there, considering that the entire purpose of Duplicacy is data preservation, and considering that most people don’t restore often and so might not be aware of all the possible pitfalls, it would be a shame if someone trying to restore some old files accidentally deleted some newer ones in the process!


afaik if the files you are trying to restore are different (in any way) from the existing files, duplicacy will ask you.

I agree that for someone which isn’t used to how duplicacy works the immediate restore is weird though.

the way you should test a restore is init to a different folder with the same repo id and storage, and only after than run the restore command.