Copy and backup to same storage?


I have Duplicacy set up on my laptop to back up to a local storage via a windows shared drive. It then copies to a remote storage using SFTP. This is working great. However, when I am away from home the backup fails since the shared drive is not accessible (obviously). I’d like to also set up a second job that does a backup directly to the same remote storage. My thinking is that when the laptop is at home, the local backup runs first, then copies to the remote storage, then when the direct remote storage backup runs there’s nothing to do since it’s already been copied. However, when the laptop is not at home, the local backup will fail and the copy to remote will fail, but the direct remote storage backup will run successfully. This will keep the laptop backed up to at least one storage location at all times and two locations when the laptop is at home.

Are there any issues with this approach? Will the fact that the local and remote storage may be out of sync cause any problems? I’m assuming the next backup when the laptop is back at home will put the storage back in sync.


You can do that, but you need to use different backup ids for backing up to local and remote storages. Otherwise, the local revision number will lag behind when you only do the remote backup, and when the local backup runs again it will use a revision number that has already been used by the remote backup, cause the local and remote backups to have the same revision number while they are clearly different backups.


Ah, ok. Thank you @gchen!