Copy command crashes during upload to Backblaze bucket

I have about 592GB of data stored on a USB hard drive (not stick) which is my first backup location. I used the Copy command on the Web-gui to copy this to a Backblaze Bucket. There are about 120k chunks. At around 25k chunks it basically crashed and now I have to start again. Will it copy the first again all the chunks new or will it realise that they are already copied?? I have just invested in a 4 year licence and the ability for the Copy command to actually copy reliably the initial backup is crucial. Any help would be appreciated. Of course I cannot rule out network issues but surely it should be able to resume from the last copied chunk (what is the default behaviour here??).

Thanks for any help.

It’ll skip chunks that have already been copied but it may take some time to list the existing chunks first and work out what needs to be copied. Basically, don’t be surprised if you don’t see any bandwidth consumption until it reaches that phase…

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Thanks a lot for the response. Any idea how I can work out what failed the first time? I did not manually stop the scheduled copy task.

The reason can probably found in the logs for the copy schedule.

Check the main Dashboard under Activities and zoom in with your mouse wheel and click on the red(?) bar around the time it ran. (Can be a bit tricky to click but moving the mouse around and zooming in will get you there - it’ll open up the log.)

Failing that, check the logs directory C:\Users\<username>\.duplicacy-web\logs or C:\ProgramData\.duplicacy-web\logs if installed as a service.

Did the copy command actually crash? Or did it just error out with an error message? You should be able to open the log file by clicking the job status on the schedule page and find out what the error is…

Thank you both for your answers. There is no activity shown in the Activities Dashboard for Copy even if I zoom in. I tried originally to click on the status icon when the job filed and the log file never appeared (blank white screen). I am running Eric’s docker container and I need to ask him how I can (if possible) access the container command line so I can view the logs. I have the cache persisting on a volume but not the log files so they are only in the container. I am now running the Copy command again and I can see the log file.