Copy large storage

I’d like to copy a large (~2.5TB) local storage every few months to a removable USB drive which would usually be disconnected to be safe from ransomware. The initial copy will take at least a day to complete, during which time backups to the source storage will be done. After the initial copy, I expect subsequent copy operations to be fast enough to be done while no backups to the source storage are running. But are chunks copied during the initial backup guaranteed to be valid? E.g. is it possible for a chunk that is being added by a backup to the source storage to be only partially copied to the destination storage, and therefore be corrupt?

When the destination storage is disk-based (or SFTP), Duplicacy always uploads the chunk to a temporary file and then rename it once the upload is complete. So it is unlikely that chunks can get corrupt due to partial uploads.

You can always run check -chunks to verify chunks after each copy.

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