Copy -(un)verbose mode

After my backups work like a charm now, I’ve noticed a not so useful feature of the copy command.

I write all operations to log files, getting deleted after 14d and when nothing changed, they are very small and just contain the résumé.

The copy command prints all skipped chunks every time (4 MB each logfile). In my opinion, that’s not necessary and should be part of a verbose output or similar. :slight_smile:

I just can assume the idea is to see the progress or that the tool is running. Any thoughts on this?

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These skipped chunk messages are needed by the web GUI to show the progress, so they can’t be removed.

You can filter them out using grep:

duplicacy copy ... | grep -v "exists at the destination"
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Good to know.

I solved it like that already but a “native way” would have been better :slight_smile: