Corrupt duplicacy.json file

Hi, My Duplicacy Web recently stopped working. I found that it was because the duplicacy.json file was blank. Don’t know how that happened, but I was able to get Duplicacy running again by renaming the json file and allowing it to create a new one, but obviously the storage settings need to be setup again.

Is there a way to restore the config settings in duplicacy.json? I don’t have a backup of the json file, but i’m beginning to think that might be a good idea going forward.

I’m using Windows 10

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Did you see any file like duplicacy.json.123456 under the same directory? When modifying duplicacy.json the Web GUI always writes to such a temporary file first and then rename it. If there is such a file you can just manually rename it to duplicacy.json.

I didn’t find any other duplicacy.json files in the directory. Not sure what happened but i will just recreate the config/jobs. Thanks