Create a backup with a different "timestamp"

I used a different backup solution before switching to Duplicacy. I like to mount my old backups and create just create backups from them to Duplicacy to avoid having to store two different backup types for a long time.

But I couldn’t find a way to specify the “timestamp” of the backup when running Duplicacy on the console. How do I do this?

I tried faketime, but this doesn’t work for duplicacy (I don’t know why):

$ duplicacy list --id i3
Storage set to sftp://123@456/backups/duplicacy
Snapshot i3 revision 1 created at 2022-04-28 14:20 -hash

While I started this backup with faketime:

faketime -m -f "@2020-04-30 19:32:22" duplicacy backup -stats -threads 4

You can do it.
I would avoid using faketime and would use a tag with the date/timestamp instead.

Tip: always use tags

See usage for -t

@bkeeper well, the prune command won’t honer the tags set - would it?

I just want to import two years of backups from multiple systems and keep backing up on the same “branch” of backups and just slowly fade out the old backups.

Yes, it would.