Cron job issue

I’m working on automating the backup/copy process and am stuck on a problem that only arises when I attempt to kick off a copy job via the scheduler. In this case, the job is to start at system reboot.

The script works fine when I execute it from my session and I can manually start the cron job without issue. However, on an actual system reboot it fails.

duplicacy copy -from default -to wasabi >>$LOGFILE 2>&1

Error Message:
Source storage set to /bkup2/duplicacy
Destination storage set to s3://
Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: RequestError: send request failed
caused by: Head dial tcp: lookup on [::1]:53: read udp [::1]:46355->[::1]:53: read: connection refused

Looks like something is amiss at the network layer. Any guidance on what may be happening?

I guess it is because the network layer wasn’t ready when the script was run. Adding some delay may help (the GUI version does exactly this).

Bingo! Thank you.