Custom prune job from Web-ui

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New Duplicacy user here!

I’ve just setup my backup schedule and have a question about the “prune”.

I see i have three options as Retention Policy:

-Delete snapshots older than X days.
-Keep 1 snapshot every X days if older than X days
-Keep 1 snapshot every X days if older than X days

But what if i just want to delete snapshots older than X days?

I did the following, added the prune job with default values and then under “Options” in the schedule i manually set it to “-keep 0:7”. Is this the intended way to go?

Thanks in advance!

That will create a “custom” prune job. In your example, you will delete snapshots older than 7 days.

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So the assumption is correct, it does not matter what i select in the Web-ui for the prune job, i can always change this by manually editing the “Option” field.

Maybe the prune job configuration could be more “friendly”?

That is correct. The prune command in the web-UI has some defaults in the option field. You can override and customize to fit your needs.

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