Dark Mode in upcoming GUI



By now both Windows and macOS and even a bunch of websites, (such as forum.duplicacy.com :slight_smile: ) support “Dark Mode”.

Hope the upcoming GUI fully embraces that – and if not, may I please suggest to put it that on a roadmap somewhere in not so distant future?

I’m using dark mode on all any devices for a while now and occasional app that does not conform causes quite an annoying disruption by blasting my eyes with light every time I have to use it.

And while at it, if the new GUI app puts an icon in macOS menu bar please provide an option to make it monochromatic. Because right now the signature green puffy cube sticks out in otherwise subdued bar (disregard pink bars - had to censor some stuff out)`.



I’ll add an option to enable this mode. Please remind me if you don’t see it in, say, a month after the new web GUI is released.