Dark Mode in upcoming GUI

By now both Windows and macOS and even a bunch of websites, (such as forum.duplicacy.com :slight_smile: ) support “Dark Mode”.

Hope the upcoming GUI fully embraces that – and if not, may I please suggest to put it that on a roadmap somewhere in not so distant future?

I’m using dark mode on all any devices for a while now and occasional app that does not conform causes quite an annoying disruption by blasting my eyes with light every time I have to use it.

And while at it, if the new GUI app puts an icon in macOS menu bar please provide an option to make it monochromatic. Because right now the signature green puffy cube sticks out in otherwise subdued bar (disregard pink bars - had to censor some stuff out)`.


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I’ll add an option to enable this mode. Please remind me if you don’t see it in, say, a month after the new web GUI is released.

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Reminding, since beta was released more than one month ago.
Will also remind after a month after first release :slight_smile:


This has been implemented in 0.2.10. You just need to add a key to the ~/.duplicacy-web/settings.json file as follows:

    "dark_mode": true,

Hmmm. Does not seem to work:

alexmbp:Duplicacy Web Edition.app alex$ cat ~/.duplicacy-web/settings.json
    "dark_mode": true,
    "listening_address": "",
    "temporary_directory": "/Users/alex/.duplicacy-web/repositories",
    "log_directory": "/Users/alex/.duplicacy-web/logs"
alexmbp:Duplicacy Web Edition.app alex$ pwd
/Applications/Duplicacy Web Edition.app
alexmbp:Duplicacy Web Edition.app alex$ grep -R  "dark_mode" .
Binary file ./Contents/MacOS/duplicacy_web_osx_x64 matches

Exited and re-opened Duplicacy: no dark mode

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.51.43 AM.png

Sorry I thought you only wanted the menu icon to be in the dark mode.

I don’t know if there is an easy way to change all web pages into the dark mode. I’ll look into that.

Ah, that explains it! Indeed, the icon is now gray (I even thought – why is it gray - are all schedules disabled? :smile:)

Yes, I meant for the pages to render in dark mode (Like this forum does, and all other native MacOS apps). Obviously, this is in no way urgent or a dealbreaker - just something nice to have when/if you get to it. Ideally, users configure it once, and never have to look at the UI again. So this is not such as big deal… Just makes it more polished and consistent experience.

You should be able to do this easily with a CSS variable or even a separate CSS style.
But I don’t know how that works with go compilation.
There might be some limitations.
My guess is that it won’t be difficult. Worth a try.

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I think this feature is better left for after release. It is not that big of a deal (UX-wise) but getting the css right might be a pain and it is a time consuming task.

Plus, if this is brought as a release x.1 it would make people happier (yaaaay duplicacy has more goodies for me!) than waiting 3 more weeks or so for the x.0 release (just to get all the contrast right and everything).


Leaving this here as there’s a nice dark mode project that already has the css figured out for duplicacy and many other programs:


This looks interesting. I’ll figure out if and how I can use it in Duplicacy. This won’t happen for 1.5.0 though, as I’m preparing for a new release this week.

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