Dashboard Activities full of "localhost-0", "localhost-1", etc

Hey everyone,

my Dashboard looks like this:

It seems that every time that I’ve manually started a backup, it created a new entry in the list of activities. I now have this long list of localhost-n activities, that take up space but don’t show anything useful. Is there some way to delete all of these lines? And also, prevent creation of further entries like these?


Every localhost-N entry corresponds to a BACKUP set and they show activity if you launch the backup task from the BACKUP definitions’ play button instead of the Sheduler’s engine or play button.

Indeed, these lines in the activity graph are mostly annoying if you only use scheduler.

It could be useful if localhost-N names were replaced by their BACKUP Names, and even more if every line showed all backup executions, were they launched either from scheduler or from the backups definition page.