Date/Time in email subject

Hey there,

Are there any global variables that store the date and/or time that can be used in the job email subject?

Currently gmail is clumping all my emails into a single thread due to the repeating email subject, which is annoying.


Very strange. It does not thread them for me, nor should it: threading should be done by message ID, subject is irrelevant. Maybe ask google? Specifically why are they grouping unrelated emails for you?

Neither to me.

looking a bit closer, it’s doing it per day. one fo the backups runs every 6 hours so all those emails are threaded, then it starts a new thread for the following day.

Ah, ok. In my case, as there are two notebooks running 1 schedule per day, I don’t have this problem. I will do a test running one of the schedules two times in a row.

In fact, running twice in a row they are threaded.

But I still didn’t understand, because I agree with @saspus :


It’s for G Suite and not for Gmail, but it should be the same:

With this change, we’re adding the requirement that an incoming message’s Reference header, if present, must reference IDs of previous messages in order to thread (see image below for example). This means that if you receive two emails with the same subject from the same sender, these emails will not be threaded together unless one explicitly references the other.

So, I still don’t understand what Google is doing.

i’m sending the emails from a gsuite account but it’s being received on my consumer gmail.

That said, i’d still like that date and job start-time in the subject


agreed! i have the date on all my Borg emails and it’s def nice to have.

It’s funny, but I’d rather them be grouped together into one thread :slight_smile: – it’s the same topic in nature, so no point in create a new thread every time…

There are so many variables in this equation, but, for example, if your email client lumps together all emails by subject and then displays that “thread” or “conversation” as unread once it has a single unread email, it can become annoying because it forces you to mark all messages as read in order to see there is a new unread message there. I have that nuisance with the emails my bank sends me when I have some new message in the banks messaging system.

In any case: since a setting/variable doesn’t seem to exist, I made this a ui/feature request. Let’s see what @gchen says.