Delete individual Revision

Hey guys, I made a booboo I think. I am doing a daily (every 15m) backup of four drives, one including my C drive. When I tried to do all of these with jobs in the Schedule manager, the C drive failed. So I ran the backup again inside of Backups. I didn’t know that when all the rest of my drives finished backing up in the job list, and it restarted for it’s next 15 minute restart cycle, that it wouldn’t detect the C drive as being backed up. That drive is over 150GB in space, and I can’t afford to have it backed up twice. Is there any way I can delete the revision for when I backed up the C drive manually?? All of these drives are simultaneously being backed up to Backblaze B2 storage, so there’s no way for me to isolate and delete the files from B2, it has to be done from within Duplicacy since that’s where the files are decrypted at. Can someone help me out here please??

All to the same destination bucket? I’ll assume yes.

Explain this. what do you mean? If it was backed up - it was backed up. what needs to detect what?

You can back it it up 1002001 times if you want and it will not take up any nontrivial amount of additional space. Deduplication will ensure that each unique chunk will be uploaded only once.

There is no difference in manual backups vs scheduled ones. They all go into the same revision history. Or do you mean something els when you say “backed up C drive manually”?

If you want to delete specific files from a backup snapshots – it is not possible. If you want to delete snapshots that contain specific files – it’s pretty trivial to do, but if that data was part of each snapshot – then each snapshot will get deleted, no?

Also, 150GB is such a negligible amount of data that I would not bother if it is there – at 0.005/GB/Month it’s 75c a month. it is hardly worth your time… or did you mean TB?

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