Delete trace of backup

I’m using the Docker version of Duplicacy. At first I had some issues but I think I was using it incorrectly so I deleted everything and started over.

I am using Google Drive and I created a test folder and backed it up with Duplicacy, everything works, even tried restoring. My question is now, what is the correct way to delete this backup entirely as it was only a test.

If you meant to delete the backups from the Google Drive storage, just go the Google Drive web page and remote the entire storage directory.

Well I have another backup in there as well. For example I have a backup of my Family folder and a test folder. How do I completely remove the test backup properly?

Delete test from snapshot folder. Then make sure no other duplicacy instance is running and run duplicacy prune -exhaustive -exclusive to delete unreferenced chunks.

ok thanks. how do I run the command from the web ui? I’m running the Docker version

Add prune job without schedule and add arguments to prune command by clicking on the dash in the table in the options column. Then run it manually.