Deleting dummy backup from Web UI

Hey guys,

Transitioned over from duplicati to duplicacy-Web. I’ve then made 2 full backups and 1 dummy backup. I’m trying to delete the dummy backup. I read a couple of posts and understand that I must do the following in CLI:

  1. I must init a repo in some arbitrary folder
  2. Call duplicati prune -id dummy
    However, I am now stuck at this CLI issue.

PS F:\FakeRepo> duplicacy_win_x64_2.7.2.exe init imageBackup wasabi://
Enter Wasabi key: !inserted access key!
Enter Wasabi secret: !inserted secret key!
Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: The storage is likely to have been initialized with a password before

I know this password but what attribute must I set and how must I set it? Thank you.

The -e option is required if the storage is encrypted:

duplicacy_win_x64_2.7.2.exe init -e imageBackup wasabi://

You should be able to prune the dummy backup with the web GUI. Just create a new schedule with all days unchecked so this schedule can only be run manually. Then create a new prune job and modify its options to delete the dummy backup.

Thanks, great project.

fyi we just need more user documentation to help out with the most common scenarios especially for us transitioning over from unreliable duplicati.

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