Determining success from server-side?

This is a long shot question but I’ll ask anyway. I have been very impressed with Duplicacy and its capabilities so far.

I have about 10 people that I intend to put on Duplicacy sometime soon. They would all backup to an sftp server that I own. A good portion of these people are fairly clueless when it comes to backups etc- and I need a good way to determine if there are any problems with their backups- from my end.

I understand I can configure the email to send to me… either with the log file or upon failure- but I’d rather not parse through the logs every day in my email etc.

I guess I am wondering if there is any way I can scan through their directories on the sftp server to determine a successful backup completion. If so- I could script a checker on my end that would scan them all and notify me of the current status of each user.

This probably is not possible given the encryption etc… but I thought I would check to see if anyone has any thoughts.

You can just monitor the snapshots directory. Every time a backup finishes, a snapshot file will be uploaded to the subdirectory there that has the same name as the repository id. Snapshot files are named with their revisions, so you can just if there are new files under each subdirectory.

Oh that is interesting.

So to confirm, if a backup fails for some reason… is it safe to assume that a new snapshot file will NOT be created?

Another way to ask this question… is it safe to assume that the last SUCCESSFUL backup happened on the date of the latest snapshot file then?

Thanks. I really am getting excited about your tool.

The answer to both questions is yes. Once a snapshot file is uploaded, the backup should be complete and successful. Of course if the storage is encrypted you won’t be able to open the snapshot files unless you have the key.