Devices can't see restored files or folders

I was doing some testing of restoring files from duplicacy (running in a docker container on unraid) and noted that the restores successfully completed but that I was not able to actually see the files or subfolders of the main folder using windows or android file browsers, but they did show in the unraid file manager and when I copied the folders and files to another location then I could see them in windows and android. Is this is some sort of permissions issue? How can I solve this so I don’t have to restore and then move/copy to another location to see files?

The files are restored with original uid/gid, unless you pass -ignore-owner flag, in this case they will be owned by the user that runs duplicacy.

How do I set it to do that? Using that in the options section of the restore?

Edit: Nope, apparently not that as putting that in the options for the restore didn’t change anything.

Are you restoring to the original location of the files or to a new location? If a new location, it may be this problem: QNAP files restored to a new location are inaccessible.