Did my Upgrade go wrong?

Hi guys,

I have had fantastic results from using Duplicacy. It has been able to recover a number of files for me over the past couple of years and I swear by it.

I was using the web edition of v1.2.1 and when I came to the site I found there was a v1.4.1. So I decided to upgrade it.

What I did was install it over the existing version. I didn’t uninstall the v1.2.1. I don’t know if that is where I messed up but I find that at the bottom of the Dashboard it still says v1.2.1. So did it upgrade or didn’t it? I’m not sure. I have tried restarting the service and checking again and it still shows v1.2.1.

Did I mess something up?

Is it on windows? Maybe you ended up with two instances?one installation is as a service for all users and another is for current user only?

Thanks so much for pointing me in a direction to start. I checked out my Installed Programs and there is only one instance of Duplicacy there which is v1.4.1.

When I look at the Windows Services however it’s launching v1.2.1.

I have tried restarting the Service but as I would expect, it restarts v1.2.1.

I did notice that at the end of the installation it asked me if I want to install the service. I opted for it to install. But at the end of the install it gave me a message that a service already exists. So that’s probably why it didn’t install the new service.

So does that mean I have a v1.4.1 running with a v1.2.1 Service? Should I uninstall/delete the Service and try reinstalling v1.4.1 so that I have both at v1.4.1?

Yes, you need to stop and then uninstall the service then reinstall v1.4.1.