Different search priorities for categories

Starting with Discourse 2.3.0.beta6 Release Notes - announcements - Discourse Meta we have the feature to change categories prioritisation in search

This is a request that has been made to us many times. It is now possible to increase or decrease (even exclude) the priority of a category in site searches from the settings of each category:

I’m thinking we can move #how-to from Normal to High. wdyt?

Are there other categories which should be prioritised/deprioritised?

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Yes, that makes sense.


I agree. But not sure if we should do the same to #support. At least #support shouldn’t have the same priority as #how-to.

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Agreed and done.

I agree.

I am also rather sceptical as the vast majority of our posts is in #support and it doesn’t make sense to prioritize “everything”. Also: the quality of the support topics varies a great deal, so I wouldn’t want to prioritize all of them. Don’t forget that the good ones will stick out based on the number of likes that they receive. (It is also worth mentioning that staff-likes weigh more than ordinary likes and that there is room for improvement when it comes to staff using the :heart:-button…)


  1. let’s see how search feels with #how-to on “high priority” and adjust it upwards if possible without the category dominating too much.
  2. At a later point in time we could possibly try prioritizing also #feature and/or #dev.