Disable automatic duplicacy CLI update

It appears that is it not possible to prevent duplicacy_web from downloading new duplicacy_cli binaries: the only choices are Latest or Stable.

I vaguely remember there was a way to specify version manually, to effecitvely stop updates, but I don’t see it anymore in Duplicacy Web Edition 1.5.1:

I was meaning to create an account on this forum a while ago just to inquire about this particular issue, so I’m glad someone else brought it up first. I would like to request that the developer please create an option within the Web-UI to disable automatic updates. I much prefer to have control over which versions of software I use. Would very much appreciate if the developer would include an option within the Web-UI to not automatically update.

You can set the CLI version in ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json:

"cli_version": "2.7.2",

Then the web GUI will stick to this version. By default this key has an empty value and the web GUI will visit https://duplicacy.com/latest_cli_version to retrieve the stable/latest version.

You’ll need to restart the web GUI for the change to take effect.


Your solution works perfectly!! Thank you very, very much!

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