Disable systray icon when running on Server HyperV

Struggling to try and run Duplicacy web on a Windows HyperV server, (Core) with no UI.
This is probably because Duplicacy web is trying to create a systray icon which the core OS doesn’t have a GUI / systray.

I’d imagine this would stop duplicacy running as a service aswell.

Any plans to make duplicacy web support running without systray icon so it would work on server core and services

I’ll add an option to disable the systray icon.


Thank you, that would be amazing, we just purchsed a license and realised we couldn’t back the server up haha.

Thank you gchen, and thanks for the great software.

Do you need specifically the UI, or would CLI also be enough? Maybe you can try CLI first

Oh sorry, ye I immediately went back to CLI, but the web UI is so pretty xD

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