Docker Web-UI & Schedule not running

I am a licensed user using Unraid OS with the docker web ui implementation. Every time i access the web ui i have to put in a password. I think its an encryption key password. When i have the UI open i can run backups individually or kick off my schedule but when i let it go over night it seems to skip the schedule due to an error:

2020/04/23 05:00:01 Skipping schedule Backups at time 2020-0423 05:00 as no encryption password has been provided
2020/04/23 05:00:01 Please open the web browser at to enter the encryption password

So i think that the cron or whatever is running the backup schedule in the background doesn’t have the password i put into the web ui to manually run the backups. My issue is i cannot understand how to get around this issue. My research indicates that there might be a variable to pass into docker for this. I know how to do that but i don’t know what the variable should be. I checked the info on the forums etc and it wasn’t clear. the info i did find was related to specific storage connections which i am pretty sure are kept in a config file. So what do i have to do to pass this password into docker so it knows about it for the schedules? Thanks all!

You can add to the docker an environment variable DWE_PASSWORD that contains the encryption password.

Thank you so much. Now seems to be working as expected!