Dockered D. First login asked for a password. Of course i don't remember it :D

I was experimenting, and now i’m ready to run with it. However, i’m not SURE what passwords i used. I think i know what password i used at first login, but i’m not sure. How can i check it? I can’t see any way to ‘log out’ per se.

I also set a password for the storage. I successfully tested that by creating another Storage ID for the same location.


OK, i think the only password i added was the Encryption password. When i went to SETTING i saw there was no admin password. So i put one in.

Question - how do i remove it?

You can edit ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json to empty the encryption_data field. After you restart the web GUI it will ask you to enter a new encryption password. All your storage credentials will become invalid after that, but you can remove the storage and recreate one with the same storage name.

Thank you. To remove the “admin” user password, i had to delete the administration_token value.

It would be good to be able to clear passwords from within the GUI in a future GUI revamp :slight_smile: