Does Duplicacy 3.x work with Vertical Backup?

Asking this here instead of over on the Vertical Backup Forum (which seems to be down for me atm and was pretty inactive last I looked)…

@gchen Can the latest Duplicacy v3.10 CLI be used with VB storages? We still have 4 VB licenses and are currently using Duplicacy v2.7.2 to copy to secondary storages off-site.

I’ve been reluctant to upgrade this process since I believe the snapshot format was changed(?). What’s the status of VB going forward? (I know ESXi 7 is unsupported and 6/6.5 is EOL, and we’re currently in the process of moving to Proxmox anyway but we’re not there yet.)

I wanted to upgrade to make use of the -comment flag for scripting, but it seems I may be stuck on v2.7.2 for this job if, as I suspect, it’s not compatible and that VB development has halted…

Yes, Vertical Backup should be able to open backups copied with the latest version of Duplicacy CLI. Although the snapshot format changed in Duplicacy CLI v3, the copy operation should preserve the old snapshot format when copying backups.

At this time I don’t have a plan for Vertical Backup. Eventually it should switch to the official VMWare API but that would become a completely new product.

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