Does duplicacy remember the chunks it failed to delete?

Hello! Running a long duplicacy prune with Backblaze causes Backblaze to hit the Class B API call cap, which subsequently brings down duplicacy with a lot of “Failed to delete chunk xxxx : B2 cap exceeded” errors. I was wondering if duplicacy automatically retries chunk deletions as soon as the API call cap is flushed the next day. Right now it’s progressing again like nothing happened, but I don’t know if it has skipped over the chunks it has failed to delete, or have already gone back to retry those chunks. Does duplicacy remember those chunks it failed to delete?

I suppose if it doesn’t it doesn’t really matter as I can just re-run duplicacy prune, but I would really like to know if it retries so that I don’t have to run the command again. Thanks!

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Unfortunately Duplicacy doesn’t check the returned value when the deletion fails, and if you’re running the default two-step algorithm the collection of chunks to be deleted will also removed unconditionally so on next run it won’t delete these chunks either.

You’ll need to run the prune command with -exhaustive to delete these chunks.

I’m marking this as a bug and will fix it in a later release.


Great, thank you! I always run my prune command with the exhaustive flag so no worries there.