Doing Snapshots



Hi guys,

I just installed the latest version a few days ago and after 4 clean revisions in Backblaze I have this message twice.
“Shadow copy creation failed: DoSnapshotSet didn’t finish properly”

the previous version had no issues and I have something like 217 revisions with no errors. Now this all of a sudden.

Anything I can do to get it to behave properly?


Is this on Windows? Looks like VSS got corrupted (I.e. volume shadow copy service issue, not Backblaze)

Try running chkdsk c: /f In elevated command prompt, say Y when prompted to schedule the test after reboot and reboot.

The machine will run checkdisk on next boot and likely reboot again if it fixes the issue.

Then try backing up again.


You can also try to increase the VSS timeout by adding a registry value ShadowCopyTimeout, of type string, under HKCU\Software\Duplicacy\Jobn (where n is the index of the backup job). This registry value indicates the number of seconds that any VSS operation would wait before generating a timeout error. The default value is 60 seconds.


CHKDSK returned no errors and the Registry doesn’t have a HKCU/Software/Duplicacy (Attached Image). Of course I can create it but how do I know what the Jobn is? Also I have configured Duplicacy to run each night at 9pm. Does this Jobn change each time the backup is run?

The problem started when I uninstalled v2.0.9 and installed 2.1.1.


If you installed Duplicacy as Administrator and/or(?) for all users, the registry key should be under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Duplicacy instead.


Thanks Droolio. This was the case. I have now created a String called ShadowCopyTimeout and set it to 300. Coz I only have a Default value to go with (no other recommended max/min).

Let’s see if this works coz I have half a dozen systems that need to be upgraded soon also.


Nothing worked. Then I chose to revert back to the old version. Problem gone.

So nothing is wrong with VSS.

Sad coz I was looking forward to backing up multiple folders.

And since this is a production system I can’t afford to spend more time doing tests. Hopefully there is a more functional version for my case around the corner.