Duplicacy 3.2.x default compression on new backups


I see zstd compression has been added since version 3.2.0. Is “zstd” used by defaut when creating a new repository? or is it still one of the old “zlib” or “lz4” algorithms ?

Duplicacy_web is it compatible with zstd when creating a new storage reporsitory ? Mine seems to download only duplicacy cli v3.1 and not latest 3.2

Is “zstd” more interesting in terms of resources and speed than the others ?

Thank you in advance for your explanations :slight_smile:

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I think it depends on situation if it’s worth it. For me, I’ve got a lot of CPU backing up to a somewhat pokey FTP server whose space I don’t care to expand. So, zstd-best in my own tests doesn’t slow my backups (because the bottleneck is bandwidth) but, on my data, some of which is decently compressible, it beats lz4 by a decent amount.

At least that was what I found when testing Vorta/Borg recently, which supports various compressors.

I’m fiddling with the command line now because, no, the GUI doesn’t seem to create new repos with zstd enabled by default, but if you manually update the CLI and make one with the CLI and add it in the GUI then it should proceed from there OK. Just a bit of a PITA until the GUI is updated.

The GUI appears to get the back seat, so you might want to get comfortable with the CLI if you want this feature right away.

Hello, that’s what I thought. I have not taken out license renewals for the GUI, nor taken advantage of blakfriday because I find that there is always a gap between the functionalities of the GUI and those of the CLI.

In the end I made scripts and I only use the CLI, it’s a shame that the GUI is the last wheel of the car when it is a paid tool.